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Augier family photo gallery. Admission is free!: Car stuff » A beast is born
  • Having a feel
    Having a feel
  • Ohh me!
    Ohh me!
  • Mounting bits
    Mounting bits
  • Start mess
    Start mess
  • Installing the loom
    Installing the loom
  • Electrics
  • Give it some
    Give it some
  • Lift
  • Where do we start
    Where do we start
  • Car out
    Car out
  • Major surgery
    Major surgery
  • Hard day
    Hard day
  • Finally
  • Water system
    Water system
  • 1-2-3 Lift
    1-2-3 Lift
  • Gazeebo
  • Engine prep
    Engine prep
  • Chassis prep
    Chassis prep
  • Easy easy
    Easy easy
  • What\'s this called again?
    What\'s this called again?